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Ashtray Babyhead

Scott and Jeff

Don't ask about the name. They don't really know
what it means, either, and its origins remain
cloudy. What's clear are the harmonies. What's
distorted are the crunchy riffs. Little Rock
quartet Ashtray Babyhead have emerged as one of the
stalwart groups of that city's diverse music 
scene, purveying their brand of heavy alt-pop
from the grimy stage at Vino's brewpub in 
downtown Little Rock to an ASCAP showcase in
New York City and opening for Motley Crue
(by winning a heated battle-of-the-bands when
AB don't even play metal-styled music
and being meagerly rewarded by the Crue for
opening the show with a crappy box of their
greatest hits CDs). "O Rama" was the band's
debut on disc, released on Little Rock's Valmar
label. It's long sold-out so you may only find
it at the used stores (and anyone who takes a
copy there is an offense).  The good
news is that the boys have a new disc out.  It's
called "Radio" and is available at fine record
stores everywhere on Glue Factory Records.  Or 
just visit their site.

ashtray babyhead

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