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Stephen and Keith at Cherrywood Lake in Sherwood, Arkansas by 
Phil McCracken c. 1999 courtesy of Phil McCracken.

Charlie Rich at his childhood fishing hole in Colt, Arkansas,
June, 1992 by Jim Herrington courtesy of Jim Herrington.  Bio 
copped from the book "Our Own Sweet Sounds: A Celebration of
Popular Music in Arkansas" by our friend Robert Cochran.  This 
excellent publication is available for sale through the University
of Arkansas Press and we would like to encourage anyone who is
interested in Arkansas Music to purchase a copy...a link to the
UA Press can be found in the links section.

Doug and Ricky Lee Phelps c. 1995 by Gwendolen Cates courtesy 
of Asylum Records.

Two Thumbs c. 1999 at Joe Muggs in the Books-a-Million, North 
Little Rock, Arkansas by Phil McCracken.  Bio copped from the 
bio on the official Two Thumbs website and written by Tam McClure 
who we would like to thank for being so gracious and for opening 
her checkbook during pledge drive.

Arkansongs would like to thank the above for their use of 
these photos and bios.  In most instances the use is not 
authorized, but those at Arkansongs figure since we aren't 
making money off of them...indeed, we are spending our money
promoting other's artists, we feel it's okay.  If one of these 
photos is yours and you are in the mood to sue...please 
reconsider.  We're just trying to help.  A cease and desist 
will be more than sufficient to get the message across.  

Thank you.