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Kevin Kerby


Kevin Kerby is former guitarist in Ho-Hum; he appeared
on the Universal Records release "Local."
Songs from that album appeared on "Melrose Place" and 
a Sylvester Stallone movie, and the Little Rock group
toured the nation, but "Local" sales stalled.
Mulehead, long a country Kerby side project to the
Brit-pop leanings of his former band, came into its
own when Kerby left Ho-Hum. In 1998, "Never Again,"
Mulehead's debut (on Little Rock's HTS Recordings)
was released. Former Ho-Hum drummer Dave Hoffpauier
played on "Never Again," as did bassist Chris Michaels
and guitarist the Rev. Gregory Joe Spradlin, but Mulehead
is Kerby and an aggregate group, like sandlot ball.
His music fits neatly into the "alternative country"
flavor touted in magazines like "No Depression." 
In fact, "No Depression" liked his "Never Again" disc,
with reviewer Grant Alden writing in their July/August
1998 issue:

"Kerby's songs are full of the specifically Southern pull
betwen Saturday night and Sunday morning ... He proves a
gifted songwriter whose themes and approach are slightly
reminiscent of Billy Joe Shaver. ... pray that he continue."

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