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About the Arkansongs Webmaster

Phil McCracken

My twin brother and I were born April 1, 1961 in Jonesboro,
Arkansas.  Dad was a sanitation engineer for the
city of Cash and Mom still teaches Algebra and P.E. at
Brookland High School.

I graduated from Nettleton High where I was captain of
the football team and president of the Modern Dance Club.
I got a full paid scholarship to Bob Jones University which
is the Alma Mater of Asa and Tim Hutchinson.

I didn't agree with the schools conservative and segregated
ways so I came back to Arkansas and got a mail order degree
in computer programming.  Thank you Sally Struthers!

I realize that my picture may look somewhat familiar.  So maybe
I should mention that my brother and I were identical twins
but didn't have a whole lot else in common.  He is now a
famous writer...he writes under a nom de plume; John Grisham.  

I first met Stephen and Keith when they were attending college
at ASU.  We've all gotten on famously since then and
their wives even ask me over to dinner once a month.

It's my pleasure to bring you this web site.And if you have 
any comments or suggestions please feel free to get bent.  
Who asked ya.