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Texas Home Warranty - American Home Shield

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This is a Memphis-based company, owned by Servicemaster, that operates in a number of states. They purportedly provide "peace of mind" by guaranteeing that major appliances and other components in and of your home are covered against failure. Chances are they won't accept your claim.

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If you are considering this warranty. Pay close attention to the terms...especially number 2. This is the clause they use to get out of paying for any claims. They will "consult" with the service specialist and then say that "that particular item has not been properly maintained and therefore is not covered. Sorry and have a nice day."

This is their universal out and the reason why they don't have to pay any claims. If you choose to do business with these scam artists then go right ahead. But don't say you haven't been warned.

Terms of Contract
A. Plan Coverage
TEXAS HOME WARRANTY ("THW") will repair or replace the systems or appliances set forth in this. If a part is no longer available, THW will not be responsible for replacing the entire system or entity. Your specific coverage is defined on the reverse side. These services will be performed during the period specified unless a renewal contract is executed. Listing coverage is available for the Home Seller after a Pre-Warranty Systems and Appliance Inspection by a THW selected inspector. Note: The Pre-Warranty Systems and Appliance Inspection is not the same as an inspection performed pursuant to the real estate sale of the property.
1. This contract covers a single family residential unit. This may be a home, townhome, a condominium, or a single unit of a multiple structure. THW's obligation, however, is limited to the confines of the unit or units.

2. The included items in this contract must be located within the perimeter of the main foundation unless said items are covered in optional coverages. In order for the items to be covered, they must become inoperative due to normal wear and tear and must be properly installed throughout the term of this contract for proper diagnosis. Covered items must be in good working order at the beginning of the contract period and properly maintained throughout the contract period.

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