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Two Thumbs

Justin Morgan    Sean Rock    Stephen Rock

Two Thumbs are Sean Rock, Justin Morgan and Stephen 
Rock.  The band's beginning stretches back over a 
decade to 1986, to a high school classroom where 
Sean Rock and Justin Morgan, bored with class, wrote 
their first song together.  

Through the years they played separately in numerous 
bands while still writing together  In 1990 they 
formed a writing partnership late one summer night 
atop the White River levee at their hometown of 

In 1997 Sean's younger brother Stephen joined in on 
the songwriting and has become an integral part of 
Two Thumbs.  

Their first independent album was released in July, 
1998 after which Two Thumbs were voted top independent 
band in an international poll of unsigned bands.  Live, 
all three sing and play guitar with Sean and Stephen 
trading off the mandolin.  On the eponymously titled 
album Justin played the parts written for bass and 

Two Thumbs draw on the rich musical heritage of their 
native Arkansas Delta blending blues, rock, country 
and Appalacian Folk...obvious in the intricate harmonies.

Two Thumbs performed live on Arkansongs January 31, 1999.

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